Innovation happens when you consider your end user

The Kellogg Holiday Card I designed in December was featured this week in the Fold Factory's Fold of the Week. Fold Factory was really excited about the Tulipfold/Gatefold Hybrid. I'm really grateful for this recognition, but the fact is, I was simply trying to make a cool fold that wasn't super bulky and would arrive flat in the mail. With the end user in mind, I simply took the Tulipfold and stopped about 3/4 of the way there, opting to not do the final fold so that the piece would fit into a square envelope and not be too thick. In thinking of the end user, I ended up 'innovating' without really knowing it. For me, this is proof enough that when you think of your audience, your end user, you have more chance of creating something new, instead of just creating new for new's sake and hoping people use it. Thanks to Trish Witkowski and the Fold Factory for featuring the piece. I had a lot of fun making it.